Whole Smoked Chicken

Smoking a whole chicken is one of the easier ways to provide plenty of great food for you and your guests, without much hassle. Next time you are hosting, try this recipe out!

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What is Smoked Q all about?

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Very few things bring family and friends together like food does. The distinct aroma of that perfect cut of meat, slow smoking all day long brings fond memories to many of us. But take what you read here simply as one of many experiences. We aim to show you ONE way of doing things, but not THE way. Our hope is to bring a positive voice back to our slice of the web.

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Smoked Q Pulled Pork - Shredding

Smoked Q Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is a classic, and it can feed a good deal of people. On top of that, it does not take that long to prep and smoke. The only thing it requires…patience!

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Rock's All Day Seasoning - Smoked Q
Sauces & Rubs

Rock’s All Day Spice Blend

This is the go to spice for any occasion. Chicken, burgers, salmon, eggs at breakfast, whatever. Keeping this close is a must! Make your batch of Rock’s All Day Spice Blend today.

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Smoked Q 275 Baby Back Ribs Prep

275° Ribs

Ribs are a staple to many summer BBQs. But who has the time to baby sit them for six plus hours? This recipe is easy and quick, but still results in delicious, tender ribs that pull from the bone. Try this one the next time you are ready to smoke some ribs!

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2019 Traeger Shop Class

2019 Traeger Shop Class at Simply Decks

Learning simple tips and tricks from Grand Champion Heath Riles was an eye opening experience. Heath walked through his techniques for jerky, salmon, ribeye, St. Louis ribs, & brisket, while answering questions all along the way.

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Rock's Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce Prep
Sauces & Rubs

Rock’s Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce

A great sauce can make or break your best ribs or pulled pork. So when the stuff off the shelf just isn’t going to cut it, take the time to whip up this favorite – Rock’s Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce.

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Rock's Coffee Rub - Smoked Q
Sauces & Rubs

Rock’s Coffee Rub

This rub is the go to for any party or game day smoking. There is always a shaker of this rub close to the smoker. If you are looking for a little heat, add some cayenne. Or if you plan to use this on your next Jerky, simply add a 1/2 cup of curing salt to help dry things out.

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